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Live Stream Anywhere
to Everywhere

7+ years of experience, Modern Inventory, and Expert Technicians ensures the finest service.

Simple connectivity of all participants through web-browser

Video analytics can be conducted to survey your audience.

Live Stream brand and design is fully customizable.

All events are streamed through a secure and trusted provider.

Add-on different features to fit your needs for the program (see below)

Live stream directly to all social media platforms.

Choose between a publicly viewed or secured presentation.

Streaming can be adapted to any device

Live stream can be viewed throughout the corporate Website page.



Live streaming allows you to stream your events to different cities, states, and countries and aids you in getting better brand engagement and more event views. 

A quality live streaming is not just limited to connecting your event to a few cameras and streaming it on the web. From using the right cameras, video recorders, and inventory for recording to using a secure web host and streaming service with the right branding, there is a lot to be handled to ensure the success of your event.


Live streaming service customized to your brand and event's demands.

Our Public live streaming service includes but is not limited to:-

🏆We add Life to your event recording with our top-notch editing and video processing service🏆


Recording of an event with high-quality equipment is just one phase of our service. Our expert technicians and video editors also assist our clients in proper editing and post formatting of the recorded event.

We believe in doing quality business and our team assures that the same depicts in our work. Our quality experienced technicians include the best brains of Toronto with experience of using advanced video editing tools that can add life to your event recording.

Your viewers should not feel that they have just virtually joined an event, they should feel that they are a part of it.


Our Event Filming and Editing service includes but is not limited to:

Get peace of mind with our modernized up-to-date inventory and expert technician support. Broadcast your event in the best HD quality.