The Most Important Equipment for Large Conferences

1Events are a part of our lives. Even though they happen often, there is always something that could be added to make them look more professional. This is a fair reason why most people today are shifting towards professional presentation partners instead of taking on a big event themselves and not being able to pull it off.

With a presentation partner at your side, you can arrange a large conference or an annual meeting without worrying about a certain technical error that throws your professionalism down the drain.

Event partners are professionals that excel in handling important equipment for large conferences. Following is a list of the most important audio visual equipment you must get right in your event.

Field Monitors

This is extremely important if you plan on filming the event. The core purpose of a field monitor is to assist the shooting experience with your professional camera. It allows you to better handle the exposure while you frame a certain shot. In addition to that, a good field monitor allows you to get the entire frame on a bigger screen, making it far easier to shoot the event. Furthermore, they also help you in remaining focused on your subject while diving deep into the picture.

Fresnel lens

The importance of good stage lighting is immense. If the audience is unable to see the podium, or the people—usually important speakers—on stage, the whole event becomes dull for them. This is why it is required to use proper lighting equipment on stage like the Fresnel lens. It is the most commonly used visual assistance equipment to light an event-stage today. There are several other lighting equipment as well that are used by top presentation partners in order to provide an even better lighting experience for the audience.


No event, no matter how good the entire arrangement is, can be a good one if the conditions in the hall are not audible. Unfortunately, this is the most frequently gone-wrong scenario when it comes to major events. In addition to connecting the event venue with good quality speakers, you must also make sure that you have high-quality microphones that are placed in the right positions.


No event is complete without good photography, and good photography certainly requires a tripod. One of the most important and basic feature of a tripod is to assist in sharper and stable pictures. In addition to that, they also help in taking clean shots from a higher viewing angle as well as in making micro-movements without losing focus of your shot. In short, tripods help you take pictures that look more professional compared to those without one.

Fortunately for you, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals offers all of this equipment and more on rent. We not only rent out such important equipment, but also help you in organizing the entire event to make it even more professional. If you are looking for the perfect partner for your next event, simply contact us and get yourself a customized deal that meets your budget.


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