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Learn how to avoid the slightest mistakes while setting up a video wall for your event

Video wall technology is the new way of conveying information to the people in a variety of events such as conferences, talk shows, trade shows, educational and many more. Since its introduction, its popularity has grown as creating a substantial visual impact at your event can go a long way in enhancing the experience of your audiences. Different kinds of video wall technologies are used in various creative ways which can create a difference between good and the best.

However, while setting up a video wall, a video technician can face a lot of problems. We have addressed here some common pitfalls that you might fall into and what is the best way to avoid them.

Purpose– It is important to first find out the purpose of setting up a video wall. Will it be useful to grasp the audience attention or engagement? Will it be detrimental in providing the intended message of the event? Is there at all need of a video wall? There are various ways in which a video wall can be used like it is used to display sponsor content, provide useful information or to support the content for a presentation. Identifying the purpose will help you in setting-up video wall in a better way.

Space– If you have a big venue, then a small screen will not be effective and if it’s a small venue, a big screen can minimize the effect. Moreover, different display types can have different spatial needs. Flat panel types do not cover much of the space as compared to other projector or screen types. Hence, before setting up a video wall, you need to be aware of the space that is available and the size of the video wall. This can be helpful in creating the desired impact on attendees.

Brightness– All display technologies do not have the same level of brightness. Their brightness level is also affected by the space in which they have to be set up. You need to consider the following questions to determine the appropriate brightness of a video wall. Will your event be indoor or outdoor? Are there any mediums through which direct sunlight can enter an indoor venue? If it’s an outdoor venue what time of the day will event take place? Once you know the answer to the following situations you can adjust the brightness level of displays and the amount of light at the venue. This will optimize the visual brightness of displays so that the attendees do not have to strain their eyes to view the screens.

Content– The first element of the video wall that reaches the senses of viewers is videos, images, audio, text or any other content. You wouldn’t want a large screen with content that is too small, unreadable or low-quality images, audio or videos. Make sure that you check the content and its suitability to the type and size of the video wall that will be displayed. Remember that even though the content might look perfect on a laptop, it can get distorted on a big visual display. You can make use of some of these tips to ensure the right content-

  1. a) Short, simple messages are more effective and easily understood.
  2. b) The text size should be large enough to be viewed by anyone from anywhere in the venue.
  3. c) Use high-resolution images so that they do not burst on large screens.
  4. d) Check the videos and audios properly before including them.

Resolution– It is vital to understand the resolution levels of different screens as an experience of the attendees can vary depending on this. Pixel density determines the sharpness and detail of an image which in turn affects the resolution. Resolution of a screen should be high if the viewing distance between the viewer and display is less and also if the content is highly detailed.

Usage– A display should be reliable and have longevity so that it can be used for a long time without breaking down in between. Always check the quality of video wall before buying or renting them.

Expert– To completely ensure the right set-up of a video wall, you can hire experts who have experience operating screens. The video technicians can help you with proper installation and mounting of video walls as well as handle any crisis that might arise. Having experts by your side at any time of the event will help in effectively managing the video wall set-up.

If you are looking for HD screens on rent in Toronto to create an impeccable video wall for your event, you can contact Toronto Audio Visual Rentals to meet your needs. We also have available experienced and professional video technicians who can make the process of setting-up video wall effortless and seamless. Our equipment and services are budget-friendly and the quality is not compromised because of any reason.

Five Reasons Why Videography is an Imperative Element of any Event

Videography is a significant element of any event. The bright and colorful moving images have been an attraction since long and they have the power to tie the interest of the audience with them. Well-planned videos of the event are always cherished and their memories become indelible.
Here is why videography is an imperative element of any event.

1. Videography serves as an archive for your event.
High-quality event videography has the ability to capture one-of-a-kind moments and preserve them forever, letting those in attendance relive their memories years later and giving those who were absent a taste of the spectacle they missed. Subjective to the changing gadgets technology, it is an obvious trend to get video cameras on rent in Toronto.

2. Videography enables you to share and spread your expertise.
Videography can be employed as one of the core marketing tools for business branding. A recording of the event is a credential to refer anytime later. The trailers or the gist of the videos can be shared over social media or in promotional campaigns to promote sales and enhance the clientele. Latest technology of video cameras with skilled video Technicians in Toronto is the best option for this.

3. Video films reflect the broader and deeper picture of your event.
With video cameras on rent in Toronto, you can get the real success picture of your event. Video films provide you the source to review the entire event and jot the loopholes that were present in the event so the same can be corrected to make your future event a bigger HIT!

4. Videography creates and crafts memories and memoirs.
Video Technicians in Toronto are committed to make the videography for your occasion really memorable for you. Be it a wedding, function of baby’s first birthday or any personal event closed to your heart, always go for Video Technicians in Toronto as they have the versatility of capturing not only the audience at an event but performers and behind the scenes moments as well.

5. Videography encourages audience’s engagement.
Small video capturing the audience before and after the event instils in them enthusiasm to enjoy. These small videos capture the excitement and feedback about the event from the audience.

If you love to shoot the exotic locales or on travel, video cameras are available for rent too. Get the latest video cameras for rent and hire the creative video technicians in Toronto for your event by calling Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628- 3832. One can always bet on their quality, workmanship, and price.