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Top tips for organizing a conference in 2019

A conference is a great way to meet people with common interest and share innovative ideas in the respective field. As necessary it is to book the best venue, manage participants list, prepare the best; it is equally crucial to facilitate the best technology for the event.

Here are three tips to elevate the Audiences experience in a conference:

  1. Get a Sound System with DSP technology
    DSP technology is the new gem in the audio world. Audibility often becomes an issue during conferences, especially when it is hosted in an open or large platform. Digital Signal Processing Technology eliminates the speed variations, sound distortions and noise/hiss issues, created by analogue users. Speakers, like the QSC K series, come with extensive DSP features like DMT (Directivity Matched Transition), Intrinsic Correction, Guardrail and low-frequency management.
    While the DMT feature helps in eliminating dead or hot frequency zones, Intrinsic correction enables the speakers to sound well across the whole sound field. The guardrail protects the amplifier from unnatural and destructive clippings, while the DEEP feature manages the low-frequency transients without degrading the underlying signal.
  1. Bedazzle your audiences with a high Lumen Projector
    A good projector comes with more than 1 billion colours, offering a stunning picture during the presentation. Most people nowadays are switching to LED screen TV, but it can’t replace the large screen size of a projector. However, working with projectors becomes hard in the presence of bright light. Using a projector with more than 2000 lumens and a good screen can resolve the issues.
    To create the best ambience to run a projector, organisations have to use a good projector like Sony 10000L and Christie 14000L. To achieve a mesmerising crystal clear image, ask your technician to combine it with a high gain screen and a sharp projector screen that rejects ambient light.
  1. Grab the attention of your audiences through a laser pointer
    It becomes quite impossible to reach everyone in an open space conference. The issue can simply be resolved through a laser pointer. The powerful laser beam light captures the attention of the audience while cutting through the dark ambience of the conference room. Using a laser pointer makes it convenient for the presenter to interact with audiences and point the screen without moving around too much.
    While hosting a conference always go for a laser pointer with high power as it helps in point the slides even from the last row. Also, go for a pointer that emanates green or blue laser as they grab more attention and doesn’t hurt the eyes.
    To execute a memorable conference, it’s crucial to hire professions from a well-renowned firm like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals that has unmatched service record since its inception.

5 Quick Tips to keep your delegates happy

Keeping your delegates happy is not an easy task. While it’s more manageable on a one-on-one basis, it is equally difficult during an event. However, there are five simple tips through which you can easily satisfy your delegates no matter the odds.

  1. Do Project mapping
    Projection mapping is an art of creating multimedia content for projecting on flat surfaces (2D projection mapping) or objects (3D projection mapping). Through advanced computers and projectors, you can bring life to the imagery on the screen. Project mapping can easily transform theatrical events and boring presentations into an interesting storyline. Even though you may have several options to display an image beautifully, nothing can beat the magic of Project mapping.
  1. Infuse Quality Sound effect
    If you are using high-energy music or cinematic sound effects, make sure the system can highlight the sounds of every possible range. You should use a minimum of two subwoofers to maximize the impact of any low-end music or bass. Make sure to instruct the technician to keep the sound at the appropriate amplitude, so that it will become equally audible to the audience sitting at the last row.
  1. Digitalise the event
    Creating a “multimedia driven event” is the latest buzz everywhere. It may seem a long and tedious work in comparison to the traditional method like setting a mundane event theme by a staging company, but the results are incomparable. A digital presentation keeps the eyes of your audiences glued to the screen and keeps them mesmerized.
  1. Use modern gadgets
    An event organizer should always incorporate ultramodern technology such as wireless headphones, 3D glasses, VR etc. for wooing the delegates. Audiences are known to be more attentive to interactive events as it makes them feel more inclusive.
  1. Use of 360-degree projection:
    A few additional costs, you can provide an exceptional visual treat to your delegates. Apart from adding gracefulness to the event, a “360-degree projection” screen keeps your audience more active and focused. However, it is easier than said. The screen comes in multiple designs such as Fixed Dome Frame and Curved frame. Only an event manager can suggest you for a better option.

These are the five tips are indeed worth trying but make sure you rent the best AV equipment and hire an experienced event manager, which are easier to avail through Toronto Audio Visual Rentals.