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A starring role of new technologies in your events

Every day a new technology comes into the market to ease the routine work of our day today’s life. Most of them are even helpful for organizing an event in a hassle-free manner. Here are few such examples those are worth exploring.

Multi-event app: This is a new form of invitation that has slowly taken over the traditional banner marketing. Nowadays, the event company builds an app that will provide every detail regarding the event. This helps the attendees to know beforehand what and when to expect, from the event. This app can also notify the delegates about any kind of upcoming contest or event for participation. This mode of communication has been a boom as by a single app they can reach out to millions across the country. Through an event manager, such apps can be best utilized to optimize the preparation process of a mega event.

Wearable gadgets: The use of Google Glasses and Smart Watches are currently the popular trend among event planners to assess the whole event on a new scale. These Wearable gadgets give you the facility of site inspection, showing food menu options, providing travel directions, notifying scheduled appointment, getting facial recognition and contact information. Many event planners of Giant Expos around the globe are using such gadgets for increasing their productivity of their work.

VR sets: This is a new way of providing a visual delight to the attendees with a closer view. There are many big events and expo conducted across the world that includes a presentation or audio-video media with high quality graphics. A VR machine can help the attending delegates to get a close up view and make them enjoy a whole new experience.

RF ID: Radio frequency identification is a new technology that does both qualitative and quantitative analysis of event data and thereby providing event planners with a clear picture of the overall event. By the help of Radio frequency identification, an event planner can know the things that worked and didn’t work during their last event. RFID gives the exclusive facility to event planners for analysing on how much the delegates are getting engaged during an event across various social platforms. Radio frequency identification also helps in conducting Raffles and contests, send pictures, updating social media and analyse the total check-in of delegates.

The gadgets discussed are no less in cost to burn the pocket if purchased together. However, it can become a budget-friendly affair with a event planner firm like Toronto Audio Video Rentals by your side.

Four benefits of having a compact sound system

It is no surprise that a people are preferring compact-sized sound system on rent in Toronto against large PA systems. A power-packed compact sound system coupled with stunning visual delights can entertain your audiences beyond their imagination.
In this regard, here are the top four benefits of hiring the best sound equipment on rent for your event in order to create a compact sound system.

Creating more space
Being compact, you will find the PA system to eat less space than usual. There will no long array of cables and line tray covering the floor. If you’re limited by space, a compact sound system will aid you for sure. That’s the reason, nowadays, most people are preferring for a compact sound system on rent in Toronto.

Setting up your gala anywhere
Galas are always the center of attraction for any event. They can boost your brand reputation. But for that, you need to create the right kind of atmosphere with desired AV supplies. Usually, a large size PA system is required for fusing the environment with soothing music but nowadays compact PAs are there to serve the same purpose. They are equally capable of large ones to set the mood of your delegates. All you need to do is to let your planner know about your requirement on compact-sized best sound equipment on rent.

Creating a musical moment during dinner
Having best sound system on rent in Toronto will enable you to make a smooth transition from gala to dinner. Music can turn any moment beautiful. You can change the ambiance of the room by playing beautiful background music during dinner. While you serve your guests with excellent eateries, a warm instrumental tune will jazz-up their mood.

Recoding an event for future podcasting
You can consider recording your event for future podcasting with best quality compact AV equipment in hand because podcasting is the medium to get more closely to your business-match audience. Hire compact-sized best sound equipment on rent such as speakers and stereo audience microphone and you are all ready to best mimic the on-stage audio quality for your listeners. A good podcast of your event will give a solid thrust to your company’s branding.

To get quality AV supplements, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your preferred partner. When your event will get best AV setups, your audience will have a good time listening to the programs and you can raise the professional portfolio of the event to the next level.

4 benefits of having the Superlative Sound System for your event

It is no surprise that a successful event requires an impeccable sound system as a part of its decorum. A power-packed sound system coupled with great visual delights can entertain your audiences to the core thereby marking an event success. It’s no strange that you will require the best sound system for rent in Toronto but that will obviously provide you a long array of benefits. Out of them, four major ones are:

Commendable Connection
If you have a large audience to entertain, have best sounding equipment at hand. Your last bench audiences will not feel disconnected from you as the audio is at the high level equally around every corner of the room. Adding to that, an impeccable sound system will keep your guests hooked to you until the end. But for that, it is imperative to have the best quality sound system for rent in Toronto.

Impeccable interaction:
Without proper audio arrangement, you can’t expect increased audience interaction. For big events, event managers hire best sound equipment for rent just to ensure the atmosphere is ideal enough to engage viewers with the speaker. Starting from a good line mixer to a high-tech supportive line array, avail every possible sound system on rent in Toronto to create a dialogue environment in your event and it will result in increased audience interaction.

Magnetic Management
Not just for the audience, you may also consider hiring best sound equipment on rent for the better management of your event. Event managers coordinate among themselves via two-way electronic communication device popular as intercoms. Also, you will require microphones, PA speakers, commuters etc. However, just make sure you are hiring best sound equipment on rent. In case, you don’t have the knowledge on the same, consider hiring an expert event manager.

Evades Errors
Imagine your video wall start showing unwanted abruptions and video glitches. But, till the time you manage, you would require keeping your audience engaged. That is possible only when you have the powerful audio system as output. To ensure that it is advisable to have only best sound equipment on rent.

Leave your task of setting up the best impacting sound system on Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. You can also avail Sound system on rent in Toronto having high-quality tech support coupled with production services priced moderately than the rest of the sellers available in the market.

Ten mind-boggling strategies that every event manager needs to know

Event management in Toronto is a thriving business venture and success can be easily achieved by being diligent and resourceful. In today’s scenario events are customized as a means to socialize as well as to create one’s own specific identity in the society. This has led to the demand of event management companies who help their clients to achieve their respective results with their event management strategies. However, certain points are necessary for being a successful event manager.

Event management strategies:

  1. Creativity: It would be better if innovative and fresh ideas are used instead of the tried and tested ones. The scenario of event management in Toronto is known for its creative and out of the box planning that makes each event standout from the rest. Thorough discussions with the creative partners like the designers and the suppliers must be done to derive more possibilities for an event. Especially the visual aspect can be elevated to generate better outputs. 
  1. Research: If the event is planned at a specific destination and is not known to the event planners then thorough research on the area, the community and the culture of the region should be made before planning. The chances of outsourcing and availability of props in the given area are one of the crucial points of event management strategies. 
  1. Networking: Being social and networking is the key to expand the business. It is necessary to generate a positive advertisement for the business to attract more clients in the future. Connections must be formed, and people must be made aware of the uniqueness of the business. With the advent of social networking, it has now become easier to reach the prospective clients. 
  1. Being Proactive: It is important that the staff and the other partners in the company also provide their creative inputs. Their perspective will always provide better and clearer event management strategies. A good team of reliable and efficient suppliers, florists and caterers make a lot of difference. 
  1. Learning: Signing up for other events and tradeshows will give better knowledge about the industry organization and keep the business with the latest market trends.
  1. Contingency Plans: Events can never turn the way one has planned necessarily. There is always a slight chance that things can go awry. In such cases, a backup plan for every part of the event must be thought about. So that in case of an emergency too, the event can still function smoothly. 
  1. Brand Value: Determined work must be done so that the company can earn an enviable reputation in the market. Creating a brand that is reliable and trustworthy will eventually form a loyal line of clients and steady business opportunities. 
  1. Creating a website: It is better to create a website as event management in Toronto requires an online audience. It need not be extra fancy but should define the personalities and criteria of the company well. 
  1. Pull- Marketing: One of the best event management strategies is generating a healthy hype about the business so that clients will approach the managers for planning their events. This gives more creative freedom and better control to the event managers. 
  1. Client Satisfaction: A good event manager has a total grasp of the planning, organization and budgeting aspect of the event. The manager must be able to advise the clients on financial management and uncertainties regarding the theme of the event.

At Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, we have fostered our work strategies on above-discussed principles. That’s the reason, we have a long list of repeated clients than any other event planners of Toronto.

Planning an event this month? Here are 5 secret tips to make your event a huge success

Any event, be it small or big, requires professional support for Audio & Video streaming, Photography, and stage sets and a lot more. However, its success is not limited to that. More than the accessories, your party may require the refined touch of the best Event managers in Toronto. Exploring more into the same, let’s know about 5 secret tips for having a successful event.

Plan a good venue
An easy-to-reach and well-adored venue create the permanent existence of your party in the memory lane of the guests. Keeping this in mind, some are also going for innovative trends, just like a theme based ambiance or destination parties with selected guests. Make sure; the venue has good natural beauties surrounding it to give a treat to the selfie lovers.

Make perfect audio-visual arrangements
Some venues try to line you up with their contracted companies to avail audio-visual equipment on a rental basis. They make additional profit from it. So, it may cost you 30% more than the usual market price. The best tip is to hire a rental service provider on your own and get them managed through onsite assistance in Toronto.

Look for a complete solution provider
Instead of hiring multiple event managers in Toronto for different things, it’s good to hire the complete bunch of expert working as a team. It ensures better coordination and upright professionalism among the technicians thereby resulting in the best results for your event.

Plan every move and step of it
It is important to plan strategically your event beforehand. You should have a blueprint of your event ready and you must make sure that they are in the hands of your team-mates as well. Also any company, for onsite assistance in Toronto, may charge sky-high price if he is experienced. So, make your internet usage and keep the idea of an average service price charge in your memory to help you negotiate the prices at the best up front.

Always go for a Pro
It is mandatory to hire a pro service provider. This is because; novice event managers in Toronto can lose momentum in between, but a well-experienced group of professionals knows exactly from where to start and how to end. They have a professional team of Audio, Video and Lighting technicians and onsite assistance in Toronto those who work in a systematic manner and have the smooth approach. Also, professional cameramen and photographers work jointly to capture the essential moments of the event.

In this regard, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is the perfect destination to have a budget-friendly event. Just let us know about your program details, and we will plan the rest, starting from the scratch to the safe execution. With our service, you can hire onsite assistance in Toronto without any hassle.