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Aiming for an event success? Make sure the technical surrounding have the followings for sure!

There are a lot of factors that decide the success of an event. Out of all them, the most important one is choosing the right Audio Visual equipment. You need to have a top-of-the-line audio-visual setup to make sure that your guests have a proper engagement and a great time. To also make sure that there aren’t any technical glitches during a conference, presentation or speaker sessions, you need to hire the best AV equipment.

How do you determine the type of audio and visual equipment that you will need?

We give you here a list of all the fundamental technical equipment for the event to leave an indelible impression on your audiences-

Visual display– You need to show a large number of people something at the same time and so for that, you will require the visual display of some sort. It can be used for presentations, referring to material on computer or streaming videos. To make sure that your audience can view easily, you can choose from the variety of display options available like HD flat panels, projector screens, and others. You can also take full advantage of the rising trend of LED video wall displays and VR systems to introduce your audience to something innovative and awe-inspiring. Projectors and screens are the best equipment if you are having a small event. The type of visual display can be determined according to the scale of your event and the size of the venue.

Sound equipment– Whether you are organizing a corporate conference or an entertainment event or a wealthy wedding, you will have a speaker speaking about a topic or making announcements. It is vital that they can deliver their message effectively and your audience can hear what is being said. For the same, you must have the right speakers and microphones available at the venue. The last thing you would want is for people to struggle to grasp the message of the talk or not enjoying the music. The sound system and microphones should be high-end enough to withstand use throughout the event.

Video equipment– If you are intending to have your event captured then you ought to have a specialized crew consisting of a director, cameraman, and sound engineer equipped with the best HD cameras, video recorders, sound recorders, etc. Furthermore, if you are planning to stream the event online for your viewers then you will also need a way to connect to the web and technicians to ensure everything is working together. In our technological age, it has become imperative to get on record videos and photos so that they can be used as a means to promote or simply keep them as memories.

Lighting and staging equipment– Proper lighting not only highlights the speaker or performer on stage but also sets the mood and ambiance of the event. The audience can be enthralled using different lighting techniques. Ensuring the right kind of lighting on stage also delivers the intention of the message of a speaker or performance. All this will be possible only when you have various kinds of lights available.

Supplementary accessories- In the end, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary items that supplement the equipment like cords, adapters, stands, extra batteries, etc. to pull off the event successfully.

Are you wondering from where can you arrange all the technical equipment on rent in Toronto? Do not worry as you are at the right place. Toronto Audio Visual Rentals provides high-end AV equipment on rent at affordable prices with a wide range of options to choose from. We also assure you of our professional services for onsite assistance throughout the event.

6 Must-have elements for organizing Corporate Party

Corporate parties are a way to keep aside the hum-drum of daily life in the business world. People come together for a common purpose to celebrate, socialize, network or build customer relationships. A party should be able to build a feeling of anticipation among your guests rather than making it a sense of obligation for them to attend. This can be ensured only when you are aware of these 6 must-have elements for organizing a corporate party:

1) Purpose of the event: It’s time for celebration! What is the reason for your celebration? Is it a success party for your company’s achievements or a simple end of the year appreciation party for employees as well as clients? Who will be your guests, is it the employees or clients or both of them? These are some of the key questions that need to be answered before proceeding with the arrangements for your party.

2) Choosing a venue for the event: Venue is of vital importance for a party. It should be able to accommodate the intended number of people, whereby nobody has to squeeze out to make their way through the venue. The size of the place also determines the type of AV equipment that needs to be used because it varies for big and small ones. It will also decide the arrangements that need to be done.
Depending on your venue, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals can help you in providing the type of equipment needed on rent with our experienced event planners to guide you in making the right choices and providing onsite assistance in Toronto.

3) Proper planning: Are you thinking that it’s just a party and does not require a lot of planning? If yes, then you are wrong. Every event, whether it’s a big corporate event or a small party in your office, it needs to be carefully planned. Planning every detail of the party beforehand ensures that everyone enjoys the party without any intervention. You also plan in advance so that you don’t have to worry about last-minute arrangements and problems.
If you do not want to worry about planning at all, then you can leave complete event management to us. We can help you plan and successfully implement the party from beginning to end.

4) Decorations: Decorations help to define the ambiance and mood of a party. You can choose to keep a theme-based party and establish the theme by decorating the venue accordingly. It can be another reason for your guests to be excited about the party. One of the ways to make the decorations effective is with the help of perfect lighting. You should be able to select the proper equipment for lighting from a variety of options available.
From conventional to LED lighting, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals has all the options available on rent in Toronto so that you can effectively make use of lighting in your party.

5) Technical support: With the advent of technology, any party or event is incomplete without good quality, impactful and smoothly operated Audio Visual equipment. Video projectors supplemented with video monitors, enable you to present a video or visual content on the screen. Video cameras help you to capture the essence of the event. A sound system accompanied with microphones keep the audience connected to the main stage or it can be also used to play music. All these accessories and others are an indispensable part of a corporate party.
If you do not know where to look for AV accessories on rent in Toronto, reach out to us, where we can arrange the equipment required as well as provide you with onsite assistance in Toronto.

6) Entertainment: Making sure that all the things are in place and arranged doesn’t end your task. A party should be able to make the guests rejuvenate and rejoice. For that, you might want to add activities to keep them engaged and entertained throughout the party. One of the ways is to have upbeat music to make them groove to the latest tunes. In addition, you can also plan some fun and innovative games to entertain them.
You can successfully organize such activities with the aid of a high-quality sound system and other accessories available on rent in Toronto.

To ensure that your guests have an indisputable great time at the party, contact Toronto Audio Visual Rentals for onsite assistance or complete event management solutions in Toronto.

Throwing a party? Make sure you have all the necessary accessories ready for you

All of us love to attend parties. The real task lies in the art of organizing the party well to be termed as lovely by our guests and it should end with the same zeal with which it was announced. If you want to pull off a party that guests will never forget, you need to get all the necessary accessories for the event arranged beforehand.

The basic list of necessary party accessories

  • Decorations – Be it an informal birthday party or an extravagant and formal corporate event, you need to be sure you have arranged for the best decorations. The venue might be your own space or some other easy to fetch place; but decorations, among other accessories for the event, play the most important role in setting the mood of the place and the event.
  • Lighting – Diligently planned decorations flourish only through perfect lighting. In fact, lighting lies at the root of the ambiance of the party. Lighting could differ based on the type of party you are throwing. In this regard, your event planner will help you select proper lighting for a party.
  • Sound system – Since parties are social gatherings with the aim of rejoicing and reveling, communication and lifting the mood becomes indispensable. This is why it becomes so important to choose the correct sound system for the party you are organizing. The event planner has an important role to play here too by making available these event accessories on rent.
  • Screens and Panels – Screens and panels are must to elevate the level of the party to a different horizon. Guests can enjoy dancing or music if there is a continuous visual treat in form of slides or lyrics of the song, displayed on the screen behind the stage.
  • Stage and adjuncts – Perfect staging is the essential requirement that every event’s preparation looks for. It is always complemented by adjuncts like truss, speakers, and projectors. The option of having these event accessories on rent is the better than buying them as all are incorporated with new technologies and designs which are variables of time.

In search of these five different strata of accessories for the event, you will have to search for various rental companies in order to fetch the best and high-quality equipment for your event. Just consider the thought of dealing only with one company who can provide you all what you need and that too with a supreme quality. No, it’s just not a thought but also a reality and indeed a treat for all the event organizers at Toronto which is offered by Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. Get event accessories for rent from the best rental service provider company in Toronto.

Planning an event this month? Here are 5 secret tips to make your event a huge success

Any event, be it small or big, requires professional support for Audio & Video streaming, Photography, and stage sets and a lot more. However, its success is not limited to that. More than the accessories, your party may require the refined touch of the best Event managers in Toronto. Exploring more into the same, let’s know about 5 secret tips for having a successful event.

Plan a good venue
An easy-to-reach and well-adored venue create the permanent existence of your party in the memory lane of the guests. Keeping this in mind, some are also going for innovative trends, just like a theme based ambiance or destination parties with selected guests. Make sure; the venue has good natural beauties surrounding it to give a treat to the selfie lovers.

Make perfect audio-visual arrangements
Some venues try to line you up with their contracted companies to avail audio-visual equipment on a rental basis. They make additional profit from it. So, it may cost you 30% more than the usual market price. The best tip is to hire a rental service provider on your own and get them managed through onsite assistance in Toronto.

Look for a complete solution provider
Instead of hiring multiple event managers in Toronto for different things, it’s good to hire the complete bunch of expert working as a team. It ensures better coordination and upright professionalism among the technicians thereby resulting in the best results for your event.

Plan every move and step of it
It is important to plan strategically your event beforehand. You should have a blueprint of your event ready and you must make sure that they are in the hands of your team-mates as well. Also any company, for onsite assistance in Toronto, may charge sky-high price if he is experienced. So, make your internet usage and keep the idea of an average service price charge in your memory to help you negotiate the prices at the best up front.

Always go for a Pro
It is mandatory to hire a pro service provider. This is because; novice event managers in Toronto can lose momentum in between, but a well-experienced group of professionals knows exactly from where to start and how to end. They have a professional team of Audio, Video and Lighting technicians and onsite assistance in Toronto those who work in a systematic manner and have the smooth approach. Also, professional cameramen and photographers work jointly to capture the essential moments of the event.

In this regard, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is the perfect destination to have a budget-friendly event. Just let us know about your program details, and we will plan the rest, starting from the scratch to the safe execution. With our service, you can hire onsite assistance in Toronto without any hassle.

Strategic event planning with Professionals can do wonders

Planning an event and giving it a success is no easy tasks to imagine. The whole process demands smooth flow of multiple things under the single time frame. Now, unless, you’re an experienced lad, self-managing these things may bring unwanted consequences.

How exactly?
Well, it has endless permutation and combination. Needless to say, an event, small or big, requires necessary elements such as Lighting, Audio, and Video display channels. Suppose, any one of the above-stated malfunctioned during the process, then the event will lose its charm for sure.

Let’s discuss another instance. Suppose there is a plan to give a visual treat to your audience. Then, the must-have requirements are better audio output channels coupled with equally complementing widescreen arrangements. Now, imagine during the middle of streaming, the video started to blur on screen, or the speakers produced humming noise, won’t that moment be embarrassing?

However, the probability of such appearances ceases to zero if you have a professional for event planning by your side. Like, in the above case, a planner would have bought equipment from best technicians in Toronto making thus guaranteeing their flawless performance.

What can a strategic event planner do for you?
He or she will be responsible for the following event planning;

  • Budget Estimation: An event may be of different types such as; Charity, Gala, Exhibitions, Trade shows etc. Cost aspect varies accordingly, and an event planner has the better knowledge of this than you. It means you can easily avoid the risk of over-spending.
  • Deciding the Scope of an Event: The scope covers aspects like zeroing on a well spacious Venue in an easy-to-fetch location, finalizing date and time, setting a duration of activities etc.
  • Negotiations: He or she will be your prima face when it comes to bargaining in the market for availing services at best value. He or she will make the contract with respective parties making sure that there will be a price-cut in case their service fails to deliver as promised.
  • Decorations: No event is complete without Audio & Video supplements. No doubt, you will find many technicians in Toronto self-declaring them to be the best, but as a routine of daily dealing, an event planner knows better than you whom to hire for best results.

Now, you must have understood the importance of an event planner and might be thinking of hiring the same for your Event planning. This is where we would like to offer our service. Whether you require equipment, planning or technicians in Toronto, our service can take care of that all.

Customer Service is the mirror that holds the image of the inner system of the organization

For anyone who is working hard day and night to build his or her empire, it’s imperative to understand that the significance of rock-solid customer service in any sphere of business or industry. Customer service is not about taking the time to talk to your customers for better relations or looking a way out to extract more money from them, it’s all about thinking out of the box and taking an extra step to add enormous amounts of value to the equation.
Customer service is a reflection that measures the flourishing intensity of your business at every point and step.

Customer Service serves as an invisible marketing means
Customer service improves your public persona and strengthens the roots of your brand in the cutting-edge markets. For example, if we wish to have best audio-visual equipment on rent in Toronto, then we will look for the best rental service provider in Toronto. The factor that makes any rental service provider in Toronto best from the rest is its CUSTOMER SERVICE as word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising that the only service can buy and money can’t.

Commendable customer service elongates the lifespan of your business
Customer service has immense potential that can give longevity to your business. Customer retention is less expensive and more fruitful than customer acquisition. For the best rental service provider in Toronto, their customers are above all else because they know the truth behind the fact that existing customers are more likely to buy your services or products than the new customers.

Customer Satisfaction opens the door for new and bigger opportunities.
Customer satisfaction is a key factor that showcases the values and ethics of your business to the entire world, which in turn paves the way for powerful partnerships. It forms a strong yet invisible symbiotic thread between you and your customer that yields a successful business and also plays an important role of a real-time reality checker to measure the progress of the team.

Finding the best rental service provider in Toronto is no more a daunting task; Toronto Audio Visuals team can be counted for impeccable service and customer satisfaction. The strong team of the Toronto Audio Visual rentals believes in nurturing customer relations and serves the customer with the best audio visual rentals in Toronto. Contact the best rental service providers in Toronto at 416-628- 3832 now to make your upcoming event a big success!