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Escalate the level of your exhibition by taking care of some small things

Events can bring success when they are perfect in every aspect. Starting from staging and lighting to promoting the event,  everything matters.  However,  it is not always about the mega-tasks those need our careful attention, small things like effective audience engagement, placement of LEDs on stage and managing camera angles also need to be managed carefully.

In this regard, here are three small things those may seem small but if done effectively can put a huge impact on your event success.

  1. Use of cameras with pixel mapping technology
    Normal digital cameras cease to function over time due to frequent usage, resulting in the formation of dead and stuck pixels. You will get not-so-good quality photographs despite having high-end digital cameras. It is therefore important to go for an advanced camera with in-built pixel mapping feature.  Pixel mapping features perform a radical exploration around the dark & white pixels and improve the quality of the picture. They may cost higher than the expected,  it’s better to hire a professional to do the needful.
  1. Use Lavaliere Microphones
    It may be easy to use a wired microphone on stage, but it will feel uncomfortable to move freely over the stage with short wire length. However, making a constant interaction with guests will be easier with a lavaliere microphone. Lavaliere microphones are compact and can be clipped easily to the pocket or collar of your dress. Unlike wired microphone, the presenter needs not to carry it all the time. It gives better audio quality than the rest and enables the presenter to move freely without getting worried about the wire length. Here, it is also primary to pretest the audio quality of the mic. Unwanted noise may create an unpleasant situation. Make sure, the AV rental team has the best noise reduction tools available to take care of the odd.
  1. Prepare a Backup plan
    Technical failures such as non-operative mic, dead batteries in cameras, non-functional LED displays, etc. are quite common during an event. Before starting the event, check with your AV technical team and ensure all backup equipment are present. After all, the show must go on. Sometimes assuming the worst can be productive, especially while managing an event. An event manager must consider the shortcomings and risk associated while organizing an exhibition and prepare accordingly.  Look for a perfect event management team, just like Toronto Audio Visuals Rentals,  provided you have very less time and expertise to manage the task by own.

5 things your party needs to produce crystal clear audio coherency

Imagine, for an instance, you are hosting a party. All your guests are merrily dancing to the tunes of latest music being played. It happens that all of a sudden the sound system breaks or the quality of the sound deteriorates. Your guests become disappointed. It was just one of the things that hampered the party. You can save your party from being ruined in the future by ensuring that you have the following things to have crystal clear audio coherency-

Microphones– It is basic equipment that you would require for high-quality sound for the event. There are various kinds of microphones used to achieve different purposes. The right choice of the microphone can enable you to produce the intended sound. To make sure that your guests are able to hear what is being said, the speaker should stand at an acceptable distance from a dynamic microphone or you can have lavaliere microphones to make their movement easy.  Using a pop filter on the microphone can help in reducing the sound of air that is expelled by our mouth while speaking. All this will further result in the better sound produced.

Speakers– You would not want your guests to be straining their ears to hear that is being said on the stage. To guarantee that audio isn’t an issue, including the best speakers while considering the size of the venue. The shape of the room and how the speakers will interact with boundaries such as walls, the ceiling, and the floor should be also considered while choosing speakers. The audio produced should be as it is without any distractions from speakers. Before you buy or rent speakers, always listen to them before buying, as not all of them are equal. The placement of speakers is vital to produce the right audio which can be determined by how loud a speaker is and how vertically and horizontally the sound is projected from it.

Line array– it is a series of loudspeakers that cover the same frequency range and is stacked above one other. The main reason for doing this is to achieve a result that they consistently cover a great depth of field than a PA speaker can. As a result, people experience similar sound whether they’re in back rows or middle or in the front. If your venue is a large one, then line arrays are the best options to provide people with a better experience.

Audio mixer– An audio mixer is a key component to managing either recorded or live event sound. It ensures that sound is filtered and optimized by adjusting levels, enhancing the sound with equalization and effects. The quality of audio no doubt improves if you use a high-quality sound mixer.

Audio technicians– Anything can go wrong at any time during any event. To prevent any casualties, you need on-site audio technicians readily available. The technician can make sure that all things are running smoothly and even if any issue arises, he can solve those glitches. It is through their experience they can anticipate the problems and make arrangements according to that. They also have more knowledge about the working and handling of the equipment.

This completes the list of all the equipments that you will need to ensure audio coherence but buying all of them can make a hole in your pocket. This is where Toronto Audio Visual rental steps in. We offer the highly affordable tailor-made best quality sound system on rent in Toronto. With this, we also ensure that a team of best technicians is always available to make your event successful.

Strategic event planning with Professionals can do wonders

Planning an event and giving it a success is no easy tasks to imagine. The whole process demands smooth flow of multiple things under the single time frame. Now, unless, you’re an experienced lad, self-managing these things may bring unwanted consequences.

How exactly?
Well, it has endless permutation and combination. Needless to say, an event, small or big, requires necessary elements such as Lighting, Audio, and Video display channels. Suppose, any one of the above-stated malfunctioned during the process, then the event will lose its charm for sure.

Let’s discuss another instance. Suppose there is a plan to give a visual treat to your audience. Then, the must-have requirements are better audio output channels coupled with equally complementing widescreen arrangements. Now, imagine during the middle of streaming, the video started to blur on screen, or the speakers produced humming noise, won’t that moment be embarrassing?

However, the probability of such appearances ceases to zero if you have a professional for event planning by your side. Like, in the above case, a planner would have bought equipment from best technicians in Toronto making thus guaranteeing their flawless performance.

What can a strategic event planner do for you?
He or she will be responsible for the following event planning;

  • Budget Estimation: An event may be of different types such as; Charity, Gala, Exhibitions, Trade shows etc. Cost aspect varies accordingly, and an event planner has the better knowledge of this than you. It means you can easily avoid the risk of over-spending.
  • Deciding the Scope of an Event: The scope covers aspects like zeroing on a well spacious Venue in an easy-to-fetch location, finalizing date and time, setting a duration of activities etc.
  • Negotiations: He or she will be your prima face when it comes to bargaining in the market for availing services at best value. He or she will make the contract with respective parties making sure that there will be a price-cut in case their service fails to deliver as promised.
  • Decorations: No event is complete without Audio & Video supplements. No doubt, you will find many technicians in Toronto self-declaring them to be the best, but as a routine of daily dealing, an event planner knows better than you whom to hire for best results.

Now, you must have understood the importance of an event planner and might be thinking of hiring the same for your Event planning. This is where we would like to offer our service. Whether you require equipment, planning or technicians in Toronto, our service can take care of that all.

5 reasons why the presence of rental service providers are indispensable in 21st century.

If you are planning an event by yourself in Toronto for any important reason, it can be labor intensive. You may feel overwhelmed at the starting, but once the stress builds up, your small move can call big mistakes to surface. In this regard, getting in touch with the best rental service providers in Toronto is a wise call. Still, need more reasons? Then, here are the top 5 reasons why the presence of rental service providers is indispensable in the 21st century.

1.You can buy more time
Hiring an event planner will enable you to focus on your daily business without any worries. This is the reason that the busiest entrepreneurs prefer hiring a rental service in Toronto to look after their regular events. As we all know, in this fast running world, nothing is more important than saving precious time for ourselves.

2. Everything aligns with the current fashion trends
There are popular 21st-century party-themes of those you might be hardly aware of. But, the best rental service providers in Toronto follow the tracks and suggest the same to their clients. They do this because the theme success earns them more referrals for future business.

3. Avail services of the best resources
The Best rental services providers in Toronto have internal references to suppliers those have the capability to provide you with cutting-edge equipment and other arrangements. It is their responsibility to cater for technical as well as production support. Thus, organizing a successful event will be a cake-walk for you.

4. No headache of playing with calculators
If you want to lower the budget, you have to be good in negotiating with different service providers. It is a hectic task indeed but when you hire an event organizing company, it becomes company’s headache. Just take care while hiring a rental service in Toronto and it will take care of your budget automatically. They propose the best affordable budget, and once you approve, they manage everything within it!

5. Uplift your event and earn smiles of your delegates
A perfectly organized event keeps your delegates happy. If your event attains technical superiority and has jaw-dropping decoration, your guests will be delighted. It can be achieved with a little extra pay-off to an event planner. Don’t you think, the decision is worth taking? After all, the motto is to turn the event into a permanent memory for the guests.

We, at Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, provide the best rental service in Toronto.  We customize a solution that befits your budget and requirement. Our assistance can help you fetching best technical equipment for successfully organizing an event. Give us a call at Make us your event planner and give your event a huge success.

Trendy Theme Based Party in Vogue

Do you want your party arrangements in Toronto to be remembered by your guests? Yes, we all want it every time! In this regard, food and decorations are the obvious unique attracting elements but, more than food it’s the Decoration that creates space inside our memory. Do you know that the same has got a new update lately as ‘Theme based party’?

What is a theme based party?
In this, starting from the costume till the decoration of ambiance, everything gets into a single theme. For instance; consider the birthday of a 10-year old girl and she loves Barbie doll. Now here, the party will be Barbie-themed; all invited children and fellow guests are urged to use pink as dress code, Cake can have a picture of Barbie over it and the walls will wear pink as well. Well, such party arrangements in Toronto are trending now!

Organizing a theme-based party needs a perfect blend of light, sound, and action. The fadedness of either of these elements may carry away the charm. Let’s dig a bit deeper to understand the must-have elements for such an Event Management.

Right arrangement of LED walls:
To keep the theme burn high, people prefer playing certain theme-based videos on the wall throughout the event. Here, the LED wall keeps the audience hooked and compel them to post your event’s success story on their Facebook wall but, it is worth imaging when you have the best equipment as inputs. They should be able to show video, pictures, and animations with much clarity in such a manner that the person standing at the last won’t have any complaint in mind.

Perfect home theatre sound experience:
With good visual treat there comes the demand for equally impeccable sound quality. Broken sound, dip volume, and unwanted noise in between the speeches sour the experience of your audience but the opposites enable the audience to enjoy to their fullest.

Amazing Decorations and Drapes
It is the inevitable element if you are planning to throw a theme party this Christmas or New Year. Drapes and catchy decoration based on themes will give your guests the essence of the grandeur of your party. So one cannot afford to let it go in vain.

Here are some trending party themes:

Movie Move: Themes like Wonder Woman, X-Men, and Avengers attract the children to dress like their favorite superheroes.
Art Anchored: This is another favorite theme for craft lovers. The walls show best craft artworks. Some even hang a stream of plastic bottles upside down in front of glowing walls.
Rocking Rainbow: Here, abstract creative minds play at their best. Random colors in random places make the room more dazzling. Lights and decorations make a permutation and combination of resonating colors.
Beach Bonfire: This theme is popular among beach lovers. Beach arts, sunset experience, soothing bonfire heat and light music behind delight the mood.

Above all, it needs the right event management. The party will be bang on if all the arrangements of drapes, audio-visual equipment, and onsite assistance complement each other. In short, it requires you to outsource the complete Event Management task to someone knowledgeable and more experienced in handling the same.
If you are looking for someone for your Event Management, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals can be your ideal helping partner. Since our inception in 2013, we are offering top-notch audiovisual service coupled with the flawless technical support for every kind of the party arrangements in Toronto. Starting from planning the event till its successful execution, we handle it all. Just make a call on at 416-628- 3832 to get the best budget on audiovisual rental service in Toronto.