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A starring role of new technologies in your events

Every day a new technology comes into the market to ease the routine work of our day today’s life. Most of them are even helpful for organizing an event in a hassle-free manner. Here are few such examples those are worth exploring.

Multi-event app: This is a new form of invitation that has slowly taken over the traditional banner marketing. Nowadays, the event company builds an app that will provide every detail regarding the event. This helps the attendees to know beforehand what and when to expect, from the event. This app can also notify the delegates about any kind of upcoming contest or event for participation. This mode of communication has been a boom as by a single app they can reach out to millions across the country. Through an event manager, such apps can be best utilized to optimize the preparation process of a mega event.

Wearable gadgets: The use of Google Glasses and Smart Watches are currently the popular trend among event planners to assess the whole event on a new scale. These Wearable gadgets give you the facility of site inspection, showing food menu options, providing travel directions, notifying scheduled appointment, getting facial recognition and contact information. Many event planners of Giant Expos around the globe are using such gadgets for increasing their productivity of their work.

VR sets: This is a new way of providing a visual delight to the attendees with a closer view. There are many big events and expo conducted across the world that includes a presentation or audio-video media with high quality graphics. A VR machine can help the attending delegates to get a close up view and make them enjoy a whole new experience.

RF ID: Radio frequency identification is a new technology that does both qualitative and quantitative analysis of event data and thereby providing event planners with a clear picture of the overall event. By the help of Radio frequency identification, an event planner can know the things that worked and didn’t work during their last event. RFID gives the exclusive facility to event planners for analysing on how much the delegates are getting engaged during an event across various social platforms. Radio frequency identification also helps in conducting Raffles and contests, send pictures, updating social media and analyse the total check-in of delegates.

The gadgets discussed are no less in cost to burn the pocket if purchased together. However, it can become a budget-friendly affair with a event planner firm like Toronto Audio Video Rentals by your side.

Raise the professional portfolio of your next event by hiring the best Audio- Visual Rental Company

Every event has a purpose. Mostly, it is about branding and creating lively engagement with your clients. The success of an event opens endless business opportunities for future. So, it’s obvious that you would like to make it look as royal and elegant as possible. In this regard, the importance of audiovisual equipment can’t be underestimated. Irrespective of your budget, simply by hiring some audio-visual equipment on rent through a rental company, you can raise the professional portfolio of your next event way above than your expectation level. Let’s see how this works out exactly.
There are many benefits of hiring an AV company. Apart from providing video and audio systems on rent in Toronto, a rental company can aid your event towards:

  • Creative light works
    Creative eye-catching light works always add charm to an event decor. They compel the audience to praise high about your event in front of others. Instead of spending a big amount on floral displays, you can opt for glazing colorful lights. This is something you have already budgeted for uplighting and spotlights. Just you need the right guidance to use them differently. Companies providing Audio-visual equipment on rent can help you for such things.
  • Total technical support
    You may have hired best audio systems on rent in Toronto but you can’t guarantee about their smooth performance without any technical issue. Technical troubles are those uninvited problems those can ruin the charm of your event for sure. However, AV companies got you covered for this one as well. They have dedicated technicians to ensure your event runs without any technical glitch. They test run the equipment and fix bugs, if any, beforehand. This reduces the risk of unwanted abruptions because of any faulty arrangements. That is something important for any event to attain success.
  • One stop solution
    A rental company gets you best quality audio-video equipment and takes responsibility for their flawless performance. Hiring Audio-visual equipment on rent will save your 30% money that you would have spent on buying the new ones. With this money saved, you can think of spending more on decoration, food, and drinks as these things will jazz-up your event’s professional portfolio for sure.

If you’ll start separating the wheat from the chaff, you’ll find Toronto Audio Visual Rentals to be your ideal AV rental company. You will get all kinds of video and audio systems on rent in Toronto and will get support from a team of best technicians ensuring the hassle-free running of your event.

6 strategic steps to ensure endless entertainment for your audience

The success of an event can be measured by the happy faces of the audiences at any moment of time. That does not require brainstorming over designing optimal strategies. Just make sure your party has the following strategies implemented to it.

Welcome them with a nice decoration
The invited guests will be your party audience until their exit. So, they must feel entertained from the moment of their entry to your party. If the venue is not an architectural gem, a couple of workouts such as captivating color wash, and uplighting may be required.  We will supply all the required accessories starting from lighting to decoration without letting you being worried about anything.

Serve them the delicious starter and main course
If you can tease the taste buds of your audience well, that will add another level to their enjoyment. Hooking them to the food section for a long time requires making a great deal of choice while deciding the menu for appetizers, snacks, drinks, and other main course items. With our years of experience in event engagement in Toronto, we know how to plan party ambiance and plan the venue’s sections to take your guests by surprise.

Make them dance to the popular tracks
There is nothing better than enabling your audiences to groove to latest musical hits. It will give a different level of refreshment and relaxation. At the end of the party, your guests will be entertained to the core. But for that, your party needs to have right audio supplements for producing a better environment.
We assist customers in creating all type of dance arrangements as per the requirements of their party. We provide high-quality equipment on rent to make sure that the arrangements are perfect in all respect to set any dance party a success.

Keep them engaged in multiple fun activities.
What makes a party interesting is its fun elements that keep the audience happy until the end. It will depend upon the theme of the party and age genre of the audience. Kids will love to do musical chairs, freeze dance, hot potato etc. With us, that task becomes easy. Our moderators will initiate and run the activities while making sure that your party has got all high-quality equipment on rent available readily at the moment.

Show their happy faces on a live wall screen
People love to see their happy face on a big screen. So, it’s better if you project the same through a video wall. After all, that will ink permanent memory of your party arrangements in their mind. For that, you may require high-quality equipment on rent such as standard panels, wall mounts, LED screens, DVI-D cables, wall controller etc. However, you need not hassle through those arrangements provided you have us as your event planner. We provide high-quality equipment on rent.

Unless you have sufficient time in your hand and any past experience, you will require an experienced event planner like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. We can help you from deciding theme to arranging all the high-quality event accessories on rent. From our experience of Event engagement in Toronto, we can restrict your hard earned money from getting wasted on buying things you might not need.

For any kind of event engagement in Toronto, call us today at 416-628-3832!

5 must-have attributes that every trustworthy rental service providing company should possess

You want to throw a party but don’t have time to plan for it. So, your search begins for a rental service company in Toronto. Soon your search page gets filled with many self-declared best rental service providers in Toronto and you are more perplexed than before on whom to hire. But it would be a cakewalk if you find anyone standing tall on these 5 must-have attributes:

  1. Active web presence
    The Best rental service providers in Toronto maintain a good digital footprint. For them, it is a responsibility to make their customer aware of their services. They keep their blog section update and get immense views on social media platforms. So, before hiring any rental service company in Toronto, see how organized and active the company is through its website and social media pages.
  2. A good word of mouth
    There are numbers of public forums from where you can get organic reviews about any service provider. Having a good-to-read website doesn’t simply mean the service is good. Instead, good public word of mouth matters. So, look what other people have said about its services. It will help you know about the aftermath of your decision in advance.
  3. Availability of both service and accessories
    Some rental companies only give technical support whereas some only rent accessories. So dealing with two separate teams makes the job even more tiresome. The best rental service providers in Toronto are those who own both the above-said; accessories and support services. Once you outsource the work, there is no headache afterward.
  4. The expertise of managing event of any size
    A rental service company in Toronto who has effectively managed VIP events before can be trusted for your home event for sure. Look for its experience in handling events like Charity shows, Galas, Trade shows, Exhibitions etc. The longer is the list, the better is the Company.
  5. High-quality accessories
    In a party or event, the technical accessories used have great importance or will decide the next turn of your business and perhaps your success in the future. Thus, it is imperative to get high-quality accessories especially when it comes to audio-visuals and technical support. Therefore, inquire about a list of accessories that your service provider has and make a quality inspection before passing any final word. 

Where can I rent?
At Toronto Audio Visuals Rentals, we are the professionals who can guide you when it comes to helping you acquire the best-suited event accessories on rent backed with a promise of quality technical support at a reasonable price.
What distinguishes us from others is that we have various formulas adapted to turn your event into a success. Unlike any other rental service company in Toronto, here you will get a variety of event equipment and accessories of all kind combined with the best technical support under one roof.

Computers – An Impeccable Invention That Has Contributed Significantly To Mankind

Can you imagine your present world without computers? Can you compare those days when the only handful of people were lucky enough to have computers? Bill Gates rightly said, ‘I think it is fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we have ever created. They are tools to communicate, they are tools of creativity and they can be shaped by their user’. The computer is indeed an impeccable invention that has contributed significantly to mankind. The best computer equipped with all the necessary software systematizes and organizes every task very smoothly and efficiently.

Computers are man-made magicians
Your dream of well-managed conference or meeting is lived by the computers. With the help of palmtops and laptops, the people on the move can always check, update or instruct. A network of computers would pace up the work than manual efforts. The computers have the ability to process the complex data within a fraction of a second that saves the valuable time for you. The hi-end best computer helps you to organize huge database in just a fraction of an hour. Small and medium media organizations prefer to take computers for rent in Toronto to harness the superb vitality of computers.

Computers are the best managers
Humans have invented the best computers which have made business processes easier. Accounting, logistics, supply chain etc. are easily manageable with the help of computers. From registrations to processing payment to tracking funds and expenses computers have made things work at just one click. Some high-end software can record event data in real time. The studios even take well-resourced computers for rent in Toronto and hence are always on the lookout for a lucrative deal.

Computers are epitome of accuracy
Human beings may be the masters behind inventing the computers but the computers are the true epitome of accuracy and precision. When human mind makes errors in data analytics or design and structures, computers ensure that these errors are eliminated by notifying the users about the same. Computers also assure that all the problems are solved with speed. Various computers like palmtops, desktops, laptops have conquered almost every sphere of business and organizations.

In a vast city like Toronto things are quite advanced and renting multimedia computers is a trend. There are several rental service providers in Toronto. Toronto Audio Visual rentals offer the best prices and quality customer service. They offer computers for rent in Toronto for multimedia use, programming needs, or simply for calculations. Get in touch with Toronto Audio Visual rental services at 416-628-3832 to lease computers at an unconquerable price.

Things to remember while renting HD LED TV

The HD LED TV has redefined and enhanced the meaning of entertainment. It can single-handedly impress, spur interest, and transform a boring occasion into an engaging one. For Trade Shows, training, and Special Events it is not wise to spend a hefty sum on HD LED TV. This is where getting a TV on rent may be a thrifty thing to do.

Here are the few things to remember while renting HD LED TV.

Screen size and condition
The purpose determines what size of screen you should rent. Having an event at a large venue? You might want to display or stream on bigger displays! A 55” or higher might be an excellent choice. Also, the display should be intact, free from any scratch or crack.

Image Quality
Pixels are video signals that reproduce an image. Beware of pixelated images or blurred display. Any loss in pixels may blank out the screen. Switch on and run a thorough test on the TV, check for dead pixels.

High Contrast Ratio for sharp colors
Look for a TV on rent that has higher contrast ratio, the stronger black, and popping colors. If the HD LED TV has black faded to gray or getting internal reflections or with higher optical crosstalk the image will appear washed out.

Impeccable Speakers
Check the sound quality and maximum audio level. The speakers should not emit scratchy or distorted sounds even at high volume. As per your requirements, the audio might even need a sound booster.

Internet connectivity
Everyone feels involved no matter where they may be with the internet. Watch for the TV on rent with smart internet connectivity for live streaming.

Not limited to just accessories, also ensure that all the ports of TV are in working condition. All AV ports, HDMI ports, and USB inlets and outlets should be working to support the accessories. The best thing you can do is attach the accessory that you may need and see if it is working fine. Alternatively, you may ask Rental Service Provider to check the ports with the tester in front of you.

Cables and accessories
Check all the supporting accessories like the HDMI cables or sound bars, whatever your need is accompanied with the TV on rent.

Over time, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals have become a trustworthy and dependable name in the business of renting high-quality products. You will be assisted with help at any point with the best services. Contact Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628- 3832 to ensure a seamless experience at the competitive rate!

Why to Rent rather than Buy a Video Camera for Your Use?

It is always easier to get video cameras for rent in Toronto as opposed to investing in buying one for a one-off event or if you are going on a trip and want to make recordings of the fun times that you spend there. However, aside from personal use, video cameras are mostly taken out on rent for corporate events as it is important to have recordings of all the proceedings as a record.

Benefits of Renting a Video Camera as Opposed to Buying

Here are a few benefits of getting video cameras for rent in Toronto in comparison to buying one just for a single event:

Added Accessories for Free

Most video cameras for rent in Toronto  are offered along with a set of accessories and other gear, whereas, when you are buying a camera, you would have to spend an extra money to buy each accessory and gear individually.

Don’t Have to Handle the Camera after Its Use

If you buy a video camera, once you are through with your event or trip, you may find the camera just lying around and gathering dust, leading to a waste of your money. In order to make use of it, you could maybe rent out your video camera but that too, is not a stress free option. There are a lot of intricacies involved in renting out your video camera, the biggest of which is that it may get damaged while it is rented out.

So why not just make a single expense, use the rented camera, get the memories made, and return the camera without a hassle of handling it later on?

Easy Replacement in case of Malfunctioning

In case something goes wrong with the video camera you rented, it will be replaced by the rental company at little or no cost. However, if something goes wrong with the video camera you bought, then you would be in a fix as to what to do during the event. Furthermore, you will need to go to a repair shop and try to get it repaired which is often times, more of a hassle.

Getting Video Cameras for Rent in Toronto saves money

Getting video cameras for rent in Toronto is always a cheaper option as compared to buying a video camera. Once you get down to buying a camera, you also start thinking of buying its accessories and then the entire deal becomes rather costly, whereas if you were to simply get video cameras for rent in Toronto, along with its accessories, the entire cost would be much cheaper.


The above mentioned benefits show how it is best to get video cameras for rent in Toronto rather than buying a video camera because it is much more cost effective and convenient.

To get getting video cameras for rent in Toronto today, reach out to Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628-3832.

Things to take care of when renting a laptop computer

When looking for a laptop computer for rent, there are many things that you have to take care of. Here are a few of the things that you should be careful about:

Check the condition of the laptop

When looking for a  laptop computer for rent, it is important to check the condition of the laptop and get the best one. Check for scratches or dents and make sure that the rental services are aware of any minor damages that are already there so you are not held responsible for them upon the return of the laptop.

Switch on the Laptop and check its usability

Always ask the rental service to let you check the laptop by switching it on and seeing if it is properly functional. Switch the laptop on and see if it has all the required software installed e.g. Microsoft Office.

Check if all the accessories are included

Check that the rental service has included the laptop’s charger, the mouse, a mouse pad, earphones or headset and loud speakers with the laptop computer for rent as per your need.

Check the USB ports

When getting a laptop computer for rent, ensure that the laptop’s USB ports are not dysfunctional. Some rental companies do not want people to plug in USBs because of the possibility of viruses entering the computer so they disable the USB ports. However, if you need to save data to a USB or transfer data from a USB onto the laptop, then do check that the USB ports are functional.


Check the CD Drive of the Laptop

Ask the rental services to provide you with a CD and open the CD drive and check if it is functional or not. Often times, the CD drive is damaged and if you do not check for this before renting the laptop, you could be stuck with a laptop that is not fully functional.

Always ask for the laptop bag

Whenever you are renting a laptop, be sure to take the laptop bag, This helps you take care of the laptop and all its accessories. Keeping the laptop in its proper bag helps prevent damages such as scratches. Also, it makes it easy to carry the laptop and its accessories.

Check for viruses

Ask the rental services to run anti-virus software or a virus scanner before handing over the laptop to you. If the scan reveals that there are many viruses in the laptop, ask for another laptop to be given to you and have that one scanned for viruses too.

Check the sound and audio capability of the laptop

It is important to check the sound of the laptop particularly if your usage of the laptop involves watching videos or listening to music and other audio files. To check the sound, open the browser and go to YouTube or Soundcloud and try playing a video or sound clip. See if it is audible enough and also check the sound quality. If the sound is not audible enough despite being at full volume, you should ask the rental services to provide you with portable speakers.

Once you have checked the laptop as per the above mentioned points, you are good to go and can get a laptop computer for rent without worrying about anything since you have thoroughly checked it. To rent a laptop today, call Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628-3832. We will beat any Competitors’ price. Plus, we’ll also discount the difference by 15% without compromising on quality and service!

Benefits of Renting a Projector

Until a few years ago, the option of getting projectors for rent was highly attractive because the cost of purchasing a new projector was very high. But now, even with a reduced cost, renting a projector still has its own merits. Here are some of the benefits of renting a projector:

Projectors are rarely used, thus buying them is pointless

In some companies, projectors are rarely used. They may be used for some important meeting, maybe once in a few months. Under such circumstances, it is considered better to find projectors for rent along with all its accessories e.g. the tripod, mounted screen, etc. because the cost of renting a projector is significantly less than investing in buying a projector.

Renting a Projector caters to your needs on certain occasions

When looking for projectors for rent, you can choose exactly which projector you need as per the task. If the meeting you are planning is to be held in a huge auditorium with many attendees, then you can rent a projector that meets these requirements. On some other occasion, you might be catering to a different size of audience and the since of the room might be considerably smaller, you might require a different kind of projector. If you buy a projector, you will be stuck with the same size of projector for both kinds of audiences and rooms.

Mix and match the different accessories, brands and models of projectors

When looking for projectors for rent , you can choose from amongst multiple projectors that have different brightness/native resolution support. You can also choose between various tripod stands and screens based on the size of your audience and the space in which the projector will be used. You can also choose the model of the projector or screen that you want based on the usage. If you were to buy a projector though, you would have had to buy the entire set of just one size i.e. the tripod, screen and projector all of the same size and brand. You wouldn’t be able to mix and match as per your own will.

Save storing space

When you rent a projector as opposed to buying it, you save storage space because the projector goes back to the rental service. You need not worry about whether to leave the projector connected in the auditorium or meeting room or to remove it and store it in another room. All you need to be concerned about it packing the projector and returning it to the rental company.

No need to worry about maintaining your projector

Renting a projector is always a better idea because you don’t need to worry about having to maintain a projector. Projectors need to be serviced and maintained just the way air conditioners require regular maintenance. If you own a projector, you must first be aware of all the maintenance requirements of your projector and then you must carry out the maintenance on a regular basis which is likely to take up quite a bit of your time and money. On the other hand, simply renting a projector saves the time and the effort along with the bucks.

If you are looking for projectors for rent, call Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628-3832. We will not only beat any Competitors’ price, but will also discount the difference by 15% without compromising on our quality and service!

Setting the Stage for Success: Adding Pizzazz to Your Big Corporate Event

What makes TEDx events so special?

Several conferences and office presentations are organized at fancy venues, with the presence of engaging and charismatic guest speakers flown in from out of town, and the full attendance of a well-behaved audience.

So why do some gain more attention than others?

You’d be surprised to know that corporate seminars and events are quite similar to a theatrical performance—complete with lights, camera, sound-check, stage and rehearsal. (Yes, it takes hours of preparation to sound effortlessly humorous)!

In most cases, the success of a seminar depends upon its organizer’s attention to detail when it comes to literally setting the stage.

Making a PowerPoint presentation, arranging for catering or sending invitations is just a tip of the iceberg in corporate event planning. The secret of a successful corporate event lies in creating a dynamic environment that works seamlessly to support the speaker and facilitate clear interaction between the speaker and his or her audience.

This is precisely why influential brand names invest heavily in setting the stage for their corporate event—even if their list of famous guest speakers alone can promise a full house.

Lights, Camera, Action!

So, what exactly do we mean by “setting the stage”? It’s a corporate event, after all—not a Broadway musical.

Just clean up the stage, install a corporate backdrop, fix a microphone on the podium and you’re good to go, right?

Yours is presumably a small company, and you certainly don’t have the budget to pull out all the stops and compete with TEDx or businesses with the budget of a small country’s economy.

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time helping businesses, big and small, organize their special events; and here’s what we think. Just as a powerful theatrical performance isn’t determined by the fame or net worth of an actor, the success of your keynote speaker’s speech isn’t determined by how much you pay him or her.

Ultimately, it all comes down to quality. And if your corporate event is led by a team of creative and driven individuals with inspirational ideas on how to improve business, the least you can do is aid their presentation by making their presence more prominent to your audience.

How do you do that?

Equip them with the tools to assist with their delivery.

Inspiring Ideas, One Presentation at a Time

Let’s face facts here.

You could have the face of a hugely successful entrepreneurial icon speak at your corporate event—someone as experienced as Richard Branson or as young as Mark Zuckerburg. But without a reliable audio visual system to support their presentation, you might as well have your disgruntled neighbor deliver a rant on politics since no one would be able to see nor hear him.

Corporate events are a big deal. We know and we understand.

It’s an opportunity for you to reach out to prospective clients and motivate existing employees. This is why we provide a service that allows small companies a chance to compete with the big leaguers.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals provides affordable rental services for audio visual equipment, offering video cameras, wireless microphones, laptops and projectors on rent.

If you’re interested in emulating the prestigious ambience of high-profile corporate events, this is your chance to do it at less than half the price! Contact us for inquiries and rental charges today!