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5 ways to make the most from your LED video walls

LED video walls can turn any ordinary event to an extraordinary event provided they are used tactfully. In this regard, here are few tips to make the most out of these glazing digital walls.

If you have installed a new security system with audio-video components, these LED video walls will definitely come handy. In case of multiple TVs combined to one giant display, every single TV of the wall represents a single camera and shows you the recording in HD quality. If you are using a single large display, you can fragment the recordings display evenly throughout the screen. The kind of imagery and video quality captured on LED video wall is incomparable to any standard monitor available in market.

A video wall can take your gaming experience to the next level. If you are gamer, you know the value of graphics and its smooth showcasing on the screen. These video walls can give you a gaming environment that will make you feel almost real. The USP of these Video walls is that they have large number of pixels to seamlessly pass all the colour graphics to be projected on screen, without any blur.

A video wall can do wonder for your international or domestic conferences with its facility of showcasing interactive multimedia presentations. You can also collaborate with your remote colleagues and share the information from one site to another. In case of a multi-TV video wall, you can project video, images and graphs at the same time. It saves not only time but also business travel cost.

To look after a wide train or bus network, you need monitors that can show all kinds and amount of media info on a single screen. A video wall can be used to manage and control all of the hardware and software system, from a single or multiple screens LED video walls. The USP is that in case of hardware failure (which is rare case), the dual controllers provides you downtime, to back up your data.

A LED video wall can provide you with an atmosphere that enhances the video, audio quality and the overall atmosphere of the theatre. With its 3d dynamic imagery range, these video walls can give you fantastic experience of your best movies. A large video wall with 2k or 4K resolution is enough to entertain huge number of people in a single place.

However, all of the above-discussed cases are doable when the video walls are of high quality. Make sure, you have hired an ideal AV rental firm, like Toronto Audio Video Rentals, to rest assured of the quality of such equipment to be used for your event.

Hire the best audio-visual operators to bring an immeasurable dynamic to every event

If you are planning an event with the audio-visual element to it, you realise that AV elements can add impact, effectively engage your audience and leave your guests talking about the event long after it’s over. Can merely arranging AV equipment from best rental company create the required impact? No. This impact can be created only when AV elements are properly and creatively presented and are working without any technical glitches. Now, how can you ensure all of this? Hiring best rental service providers of audio visual operators can help you in creating the magic and easily meeting the goals of your event.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which AV companies can take your event to a next level:

What brings an impact on the day of the event is extensive pre-planning for the event. Working with the best audio visual operators from the earliest planning stages can help to creatively use the AV technology. According to the vision of your event, they can effectively make use of the technology and design perfect solutions.

The team brings with them their vast experience, unmatched knowledge and talent which will be crucial to ensure that the event runs smoothly. They can make sure every technical element of the event is completely integrated and working together. With their valuable experience, they will also know beforehand what problems can arise and how to deal with them at the last moment. They are flexible in case of any sudden eventuality and deliver results even in high pressure environments.

If you want to add visual impact through screens or video walls, the operators will know the right screen to use and to make sure that they are visible and readable from anywhere in the room. If you want to add audio impact, the operators will know what type of music to be played to create an ambiance or how the excitement and energy of the audience can be enhanced with the right music. If you want to add lighting effects, the operators will be able to use different lighting techniques to create the required impact on audiences. In this technological age, it is imperative to get your event on record. With professional technicians, you can get your event recorded using the best and creative ways. The recordings can be used to promote the event or can give a glimpse of it to the people who couldn’t attend it. All of these tasks can be carried out with each team specialized in their own work areas.

It will be the work of the hired team to guarantee that you are not troubled with technical hurdles before or during the event such as checking the lighting effects, sound systems, visibility of video walls or any other problem that may arise. You can direct your time and energies towards the core work of the event. This means that your technical needs of the event are left with the best and an accomplished team of operators.

Time management
The team of operators can deal with transportation and set up of AV equipment carefully and quickly because they know how they need to be handled. Every effort put in by them saves your time and of the event.

When the event is over, you won’t have to invest your time in removing all the technical setup. The team will take care of all the unwinding of work with ease. There will be a guarantee that the equipment has been managed by professional people without disrupting them.

Where can you find the best rental service providers in Toronto that can accomplish all the tasks easily? Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is the best rental company in Toronto and an optimal choice that can aid you to seamlessly handle all the technical aspects of your event. We have a dedicated and passionate team of AV operators as well as all high-quality equipment available on rent.

5 things your party needs to produce crystal clear audio coherency

Imagine, for an instance, you are hosting a party. All your guests are merrily dancing to the tunes of latest music being played. It happens that all of a sudden the sound system breaks or the quality of the sound deteriorates. Your guests become disappointed. It was just one of the things that hampered the party. You can save your party from being ruined in the future by ensuring that you have the following things to have crystal clear audio coherency-

Microphones– It is basic equipment that you would require for high-quality sound for the event. There are various kinds of microphones used to achieve different purposes. The right choice of the microphone can enable you to produce the intended sound. To make sure that your guests are able to hear what is being said, the speaker should stand at an acceptable distance from a dynamic microphone or you can have lavaliere microphones to make their movement easy.  Using a pop filter on the microphone can help in reducing the sound of air that is expelled by our mouth while speaking. All this will further result in the better sound produced.

Speakers– You would not want your guests to be straining their ears to hear that is being said on the stage. To guarantee that audio isn’t an issue, including the best speakers while considering the size of the venue. The shape of the room and how the speakers will interact with boundaries such as walls, the ceiling, and the floor should be also considered while choosing speakers. The audio produced should be as it is without any distractions from speakers. Before you buy or rent speakers, always listen to them before buying, as not all of them are equal. The placement of speakers is vital to produce the right audio which can be determined by how loud a speaker is and how vertically and horizontally the sound is projected from it.

Line array– it is a series of loudspeakers that cover the same frequency range and is stacked above one other. The main reason for doing this is to achieve a result that they consistently cover a great depth of field than a PA speaker can. As a result, people experience similar sound whether they’re in back rows or middle or in the front. If your venue is a large one, then line arrays are the best options to provide people with a better experience.

Audio mixer– An audio mixer is a key component to managing either recorded or live event sound. It ensures that sound is filtered and optimized by adjusting levels, enhancing the sound with equalization and effects. The quality of audio no doubt improves if you use a high-quality sound mixer.

Audio technicians– Anything can go wrong at any time during any event. To prevent any casualties, you need on-site audio technicians readily available. The technician can make sure that all things are running smoothly and even if any issue arises, he can solve those glitches. It is through their experience they can anticipate the problems and make arrangements according to that. They also have more knowledge about the working and handling of the equipment.

This completes the list of all the equipments that you will need to ensure audio coherence but buying all of them can make a hole in your pocket. This is where Toronto Audio Visual rental steps in. We offer the highly affordable tailor-made best quality sound system on rent in Toronto. With this, we also ensure that a team of best technicians is always available to make your event successful.

Set your stage right for audience and performers to appraise your event

Are you planning an event and do not want to leave any stone unturned to make it a success? Does your check-list include choosing a venue, inviting performers or speakers, sending invites or selling tickets, making on-spot arrangements for catering and décor? Often, perfect staging for an event is put at the bottom of the checklist and not paid much attention. Today stage is the paraphernalia necessary for setting the right mood. It is much more than a podium to deliver the message or to give a performance rather it is the most important factor that reflects the grandeur of any event. Aside from the stunning décor and well-organized event, a stage is an element that can make or break your event.

Here is how you can ensure perfect staging for the event to keep your audience captivated:

  • Specific Size
    What should be the ideal size of the stage for your event? Stage size is determined by the size of the venue, the number of people using the stage at a time, the purpose of its use and your personal choice. The main objective is to make sure that no performer or speaker faces any space issue while on stage and to give the audience a clear view even from far behind.
  • Perfect Height
    At what height should a stage be set up? To ensure that the audience doesn’t have any problem viewing the stage, the height of a stage should be set up according to the peak of audience eyesight. If your event doesn’t require the audience’s viewer engagement like in concerts, the stage can be set up in a high position using risers. This further enables a large number of people to view the stage.
  • Splendid Lighting
    Lighting on stage is majorly used to illuminate and highlight the keynote speaker or performer. It should be clear and sharp so that everyone can perfectly view what’s in front of them. The lighting on stage is also set-up by taking into account photography and video shooting. Moreover, perfect lighting also has an impressive ability to transform the feel of an event. It ensures to create the right mood, deliver the right message at the right time. Various effects can be created by playing with different types of lights and lighting techniques. You should also be aware of the lighting set up that would complement the purpose of your event.
  • Supreme Sound System
    The sound is equally as important as lights. If you do not have a supreme sound system for stage, it can drastically worsen the experience of the audience. For example, crackling speakers, buzzing and humming from the speakers can make the audience strain their ears. Furthermore, the sound is crucial to staging design because it is the means through which the message of the event will reach the audience. The effect you want to leave on the audience can be differentiated using sound. For example, if you want to energize and excite the audience, you will need tempo music or if you want to convey something serious, you will have way sombre music.
  • State-of-the-art Audio Visual technology
    With advancements in technology, there are numerous options other than lighting or sound to create an ever-lasting impact on your audience. AV technologies when used creatively and in a unique way cannot only affect what your audience sees but can transform their entire experience. They add special effects to the already lit-up stage. One of the examples of this is the art of projection of mapping in which multiple projectors are used to create the large visually impactful display.

To create perfect staging for the event and to give your audience an immersive experience, look no further because Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is here to provide high-quality staging and risers for an event on rent. We also deliver stage services equipped with a professional and experienced team to manage and execute the whole setup for a perfect stage. You can find solutions to all your needs to create perfect staging for the event with us.

How can the absence of a stellar sound system ruin your event?

An event runs smoothly provided it has best sounding Audio supplements. To give their event a success, people hire the best sound system on rent in Toronto. Especially, when it is a big ticket to define their unique brand identity. Whether it is a 5k fundraiser event or a product launch, without a stellar sound system, the whole event will fail to attain its purpose.

A healthy audio system keeps your audience connected to the event, even if they are far away from the stage. The event can witness the exchange of opinions from both host and audience side with a small yet effective audio setup. On the other hand, a poor audio arrangement, let’s say mismanagement on hiring speakers on rent in Toronto for your event, can make people have a hard time hearing your voice.

That is sure to turn off the mood of anyone, and your guests are no exception. Constant background noise or speaker humming will cloud the main message. This, in turn, will make your guests feel disappointed. No doubt, it will hamper your business, brand and the purpose of your event. Ultimately, the purpose of conducting the whole event will go in vain.

Apart from the audience, you need an audio setup like intercoms to coordinate the event with your co-workers internally. By this, the whole event management thing becomes a cakewalk. Now unless you have such setups integrated into your event, you will find yourself juggling here and there to ensure everything is running smooth.

Events are one-time tickets. Make even a slight mistake in hiring speakers on rent in Toronto, and you will lose your potential clients complaining to poor audio quality.  So the bottom line is that the absence of a stellar sound system not only can ruin your event but also can leave a long-lasting negative impression on your clients.

How to set up a high-quality sound system for your event?
Hire best sound system on rent in Toronto

Hire a company providing the best sound system on rent in Toronto and your event will be a sound success. Your audience will be left with a good memory, and you’re the purpose of your event will be met easily. In this regard, Toronto Audio Visuals Rental can help you set up a tailor-made audio system to suit your event. Ranging from providing speakers on rent in Toronto to the event management, you will get 360-degree solutions here.

Four benefits of having a compact sound system

It is no surprise that a people are preferring compact-sized sound system on rent in Toronto against large PA systems. A power-packed compact sound system coupled with stunning visual delights can entertain your audiences beyond their imagination.
In this regard, here are the top four benefits of hiring the best sound equipment on rent for your event in order to create a compact sound system.

Creating more space
Being compact, you will find the PA system to eat less space than usual. There will no long array of cables and line tray covering the floor. If you’re limited by space, a compact sound system will aid you for sure. That’s the reason, nowadays, most people are preferring for a compact sound system on rent in Toronto.

Setting up your gala anywhere
Galas are always the center of attraction for any event. They can boost your brand reputation. But for that, you need to create the right kind of atmosphere with desired AV supplies. Usually, a large size PA system is required for fusing the environment with soothing music but nowadays compact PAs are there to serve the same purpose. They are equally capable of large ones to set the mood of your delegates. All you need to do is to let your planner know about your requirement on compact-sized best sound equipment on rent.

Creating a musical moment during dinner
Having best sound system on rent in Toronto will enable you to make a smooth transition from gala to dinner. Music can turn any moment beautiful. You can change the ambiance of the room by playing beautiful background music during dinner. While you serve your guests with excellent eateries, a warm instrumental tune will jazz-up their mood.

Recoding an event for future podcasting
You can consider recording your event for future podcasting with best quality compact AV equipment in hand because podcasting is the medium to get more closely to your business-match audience. Hire compact-sized best sound equipment on rent such as speakers and stereo audience microphone and you are all ready to best mimic the on-stage audio quality for your listeners. A good podcast of your event will give a solid thrust to your company’s branding.

To get quality AV supplements, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your preferred partner. When your event will get best AV setups, your audience will have a good time listening to the programs and you can raise the professional portfolio of the event to the next level.

How to make your next Town Hall event a memorable one?

Town hall events have a history of a maximum success rate than any other style of event management in Toronto, and that’s why most event planners in Toronto suggest for the same too. But, do you know what it takes to make such events successful?

Town hall meetings are best known for creating a sense of spirit among the audience. It can create a dynamic and interactive environment for the participants making it memorable for them. But it has certain requisites.

  • A definite purpose behind the event
    An event with a strong goal will draw audiences. No one likes to waste time on listening to big talks. So, come out with a strong purpose and advertise the event based on it. No doubt, you have to promise on delivering quality content.
  • Effective promotion
    It’s not like screaming out loud about your event in front of a large pool of audience. Rather, shortlist your potential audience niche whom you think are the correct recipients of your message and let your advertisements make the rest of the magic. Lastly, most importantly, make the message short yet clear.
  • Full Audience engagement
    The audience, when left as a listener, lose their interest level within few minutes. To avoid the same, it’s better to engage them during the event. Ask them, seek suggestions, and run little activities that will keep them hooked on the subject until the end.
    When the stage is big why not to make good use of it? You can set the stage to show videos or can walk around its full length so that your audience will not get bored. In case, you want to make the space even more usable, take help of experienced event planners in Toronto.
  • An audio-visual delight for the attendees
    Town hall events need to cater more audience, and it is not possible without right kind of AV accessories. Nowadays, every town hall event management in Toronto is trying to attain a new level of audience engagement by incorporating higher level AV setups. Event Planners in Toronto are also leaving no stone unturned starting from lighting up the stage to enable each corner with a stellar sound system with right kind of AV tools.

Running a town hall event is not a DIY thing. So, it’s better to leave your entire task of event management in Toronto to an experienced planner, just like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals and focus on your role towards making it a huge success.

Recording an event for future podcasting? Make sure that you don’t miss these points

If you’re hosting an event, it could be your best chance to capture the audio for future broadcasting. It will be crowded with people of your niche. However, recording the audio can be tricky. You may need a high standard mobile kit to record the complete event. In this regard, here are some tips to keep in mind for better results;

For short recordings
For quick recording clips, you need to be good at the basic. You need to know how to switch speakers quickly and transfer the mic between you and the other person with ease. Out of many options available, you would require at least following Audio Consoles on rent in Toronto:

  • Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack
  • USB Adapter
  • Any Smartphone having voice recording app

You may also require a wireless microphone system for flawless recording coupled with final editing. However, make sure, the microphones have a good plug-and-play operation capability. Instead of buying a new one, you can get microphones on rent in Toronto.

For Long Recordings
For recording long one-to-one conversations, the strategy is slightly different. You will require:

  • Two smartphones lavalier mic
  • An adapter
  • A smartphone having an audio recording option
  • TRSS extension cable
  • Headphones for accurate monitoring

General Tips

  • You will get a lot of background noise of course and you must know how to cancel those. First and foremost thing, choose a dynamic mic. It will choose a narrow range of sound both in amplitude and frequency. Hence, most of the faraway noises will be canceled.
  • Keep the mic at as close proximity as possible to the speaker. Get some quality microphones on rent in Toronto and record the voice much effectively, background noises will hardly have any existence.
  • In case, you further want to cancel lower level of background noises, use an acoustic screen. You can ask for this while hiring Audio Consoles for rent in Toronto. This semi-circular device will be around the mic stand canceling major noises for sure.
  • Above all, cater hard to have best quality audio consoles and microphones on rent in Toronto. In case, you are not sure how to handle, outsource the task to an experienced event manager. Not every task comes under the DIY category.

If you need help in choosing the right Audio Consoles for rent in Toronto for recording the event, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your helping partner. We can provide any kind of assistance starting from planning the event to its final podcasting. Do get in touch with us today!

8 audio-visual tips to create a successful event

Regardless the size of an event, elements like sound, light, and theme hold primary importance. Therefore, getting more out of your AV design should be your primary objective. In this regard, following 8 tips would be better to consider;

1. Make sure you have everything
You never know when a UHD LED TV may become bare essential for creating an additional display or your delegates may demand Wireless Headsets during the video streaming inside a large hall. So, you need to have all kind of video and Sound systems in Toronto ready with you during the event.

2. Never underestimate the accessories
No matter how costly is your decoration, there are few accessories those you will need very frequently such as Flip Charts, Easels, Polycom Phones, Wireless Presenters, Confidence Monitors, Laser Pointers, speaker Timer etc. Don’t make a last-minute rush to find high-quality sound systems in Toronto.

3. Create a good visually appealing ambiance
The surrounding environment should be compelling enough to draw the attention of the audience towards the stage. Give special importance to atmospheric lighting and media walls.

4. Keep Interfacing Switches ready
To create custom output formats, you may need interfacing switches for converting HDMI to SDI, video switching, SDI extension etc. Have them available to you to avoid the last minute hassle.

5. Use moving heads
These digitally controlled motors can put the massive effect on your event making it a visual delight for your audiences. Nowadays, they are coming under the basic need for any kind of event. Instead of buying, it’s better to have such Audio-visual equipment for rent.

6. Have Quality Speakers
To amp up the event, you will need quality speakers. Apart from wired ones, you may also need best-sounding wireless speakers. Make sure, they create impressive sound without any technical glitch.

7. Integrate LED Tubes
These are the modern source of lighting. They can triple fold the beauty of the stage. Interestingly, they are highly energy efficient as well. While availing Audio-visual equipment on rent, do ask for these.

8. Look for solid idea generators
Every event depending upon its size may require different AV setups. Your event planner needs to figure out what sort of arrangement can best deliver the output.

After reading all, if you think you need Audio-visual equipment for rent from a good event organizer, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your helping partner. We can rent all kind of light and sound systems in Toronto and can assist you in hosting a successful event.

Audio Visual Checklist for Conferences and Meetings

Every successful event starts and ends with a proper planning. Starting from hiring professional light and sound systems to audience engagement, everything needs experts’ intervention. In this regard, here is the complete checklist against essential audio-visual and networking elements that your event may require for sure. The list is the basic one and can be elongated depending on your exact need. Here are the must-have elements;

  • HD panel LCDs
  • Screens for projection
  • Microphones
  • Mixers channels
  • Laptops
  • Remote controlled projectors
  • Teleconferencing equipment
  • LED lighting systems

Now, a detail glance into three important sections out of the list stated above will help you decide the exact type required for your event while hiring Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto.

No matter how big or small your event is, you need a quality microphone. They are available on a broad range such as a push-talk microphone, Gooseneck microphone, wireless microphone, wired microphone and Lavalier microphone.  Push-talk ones are best for conference tables. Next two ones are required if you need more freedom to walk on a big stage or podium. Undoubtedly, Wired ones will be needing a stand whereas the last one is best for doing demonstrations and audience interactions. For availing best results, hire only professional light and sound system.

LCD or DLP projectors:
Visual contents increase audience engagement. You need them for delivering a lecture or for making a report. The same can be displayed via two mediums; LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing).  In case of DLP, one thing is worth remembering; keep the throw distance (distance between the screen and the projector) to double off the screen size. Also, check for the focus made by the projection near to the audience area. Seek for the best quality LCD and DLP while hiring Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto.

Speakers and Mixers:
Don’t make your last-row audience feel disconnected from the event. Have best quality loudspeakers and analog mixers to create a strong sounding environment. The importance of mixers goes high when you have multiple microphones operating at the same time. It both amplifies the weaker voice and soften the louder ones for a better hearing.

If you want high tech Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto, engage Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. We can provide Professional light and sound system for an event of any size. Not only that, your event will get full attention from our experts to mark a success. Get in touch with us today!